Our Foundation was set up in 2009 to work in the fields of Learning, Youth, Employment and MaltiMediaHouse. The four areas of activity are by no means separate from each other. They form part of our whole and are bound together by an underlying active interest in global issues like human rights and intercultural dialogue and our consciousness of the vulnerability of specific social groups. We work at bringing ideas and projects to fruition drawing benefit to the beneficiaries of our actions with whom we have come to share aspirations and dreams.

In 2013 Opportunities Aid Foundation made several changes as part of its continuous renewal. Its main areas of activity will be concepts in publishing and audiovisual projects. MaltiMediaHouse will be acquiring central importance in the work of the Foundation due to its new consolidated training programme and due to its new projects in the production of audiovisual projects of some relevance. It is an exciting time in which the organisation is benefiting from years of experience and bringing to the front burner activities that have been waiting for us to grow in experience in areas in which we will now be directing our efforts in a more visible way.

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